3-Day Adance Tickets are no longer available


The thoughts, prayers and support we have received since Rodney's accident have been incredible and humbling.  Rodney and the Preddy family want to thank everyone for all the prayers, well-wishes, encouragement, and offers of help during this time.  He is doing OK and is focusing on recovering.  PreddyFest will go on as planned (July 31- Aug 2) thanks to the support of many family friends and volunteers.  

PreddyFest Bluegrass Park is located in a beautiful scenic setting on the Tar River in Franklin County, NC making it a great family event.  We have plenty of space and shade for camping, jamming and family fun.  Do yourself a favor and "take a kid jamming".





At PreddyFest 2014, nothing has changed but the bands and the date.  Our prices have remained

 the same since PreddyFest first began.  It continues to be an affordable festival for ALL of our

 bluegrass friends and remember:  Camping is still free with a week-end ticket!




Preddyfest 2012-A tour of the grounds (bumpy ride and a little campground  jamming. 

Thanks for the ride Brooks Pearce




      If you are looking for a Bluegrass Festival that still has the "traditional bluegrass festival feel"...this is it.

If you are looking for a Bluegrass Festival that has free camping & jamming Saturday to Thursday...this is it.

If you are looking for a Bluegrass Festival that has a great line-up and is still affordable...this is it.

If you are looking for great jamming...this is it

If you are looking for a nice shady park for August weather...this is it.

See ya in August.



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